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Operation of the Golf Passport

Simple and easy operation

The Golf Passport is a unique product, it is much more than a card or even a simple golf discount booklet. It is a grouping of golf courses and golfers. By giving exclusivity to our member courses, they can benefit from the traffic of several thousand golfers. It is this traffic that allows our courses to be able to offer such golf discounts to our Golf Passport Members.

Use step by step.

After purchasing your Golf Passport, you will receive an email including confirmation of your purchase and the code corresponding to your member number. Once this information in hand, go online to register. It is at this time that the name of the holder of the Golf Passport will be assigned. Once the holder of the Golf Passport has been created, you will be able to print the Golf Passport which will serve as proof during your rounds of golf.

With your Golf Passport, you will then have at your disposal hundreds of rounds of golf at a discount, these vary from 50 to 30% depending on the regular cost in force during use. It is therefore now possible for you, by consulting the time slots and the availability of our member courses, to plan your golf days.image

To use your Golf Passport, nothing could be simpler. You only have to make your reservation over the phone, 48 hours before the date on which you plan to play, as usual. At this time, first request the desired time to see availability, and mention the number of golfers, if accompanied. Then, inform the attendant of your Golf Passport number, the latter can confirm that you are a member. There you go, you will benefit from a ton of discounts when the day comes!

When you arrive at the golf course, in order to be able to benefit from your golf discount, you must present your Golf Passport and a photo ID to the attendant. This is when the golf discount, depending on the type of passport you have chosen, will be granted. The discount is always applied to the regular rate in effect at your time.

Example, you play at the Royal Laurentien golf course on a Thursday at noon. However, the regular fare for the route at this time is $ 58. Thanks to the Golf Passport, you will only be charged $ 29! Another example: you show up at the same pitch at 2:30 p.m. The regular rate at this time is $ 54.95. However, you will only pay $ 24.50!

Please note that electric carts are not included with the Passeport Golf discount, unless they are mandatory and included in the pricing of the green fee, or a special mention is made. If a Golf Passport holder wishes to use a golf cart, the reduction in their green fee will be credited to him and he will have to defray the regular costs for the use of the golf cart.

For who?

The Golf Passport will benefit all golfers who plan to play at least 4 rounds of golf during their season. In some cases, you could see your Golf Passport pay for itself in just 2 rounds of golf.

How much savings?

Savings can vary from one golfer to another. If a golfer plays ten games in season and saves on average +/- $ 20 each, he will make about $ 200 off his golf season.

What else?

Throughout the season, several discount golf events will be offered to you, you will be able to participate at your discretion.

Among the most beautiful golf courses.

The Golf Passport gives you the opportunity to play on several of the most beautiful golf courses in Quebec from May 1, until the closing of the courses unless otherwise stated. You can consult the list of fields on which you can play and their schedules here . It is preferable to consult this list regularly, the latter can be modified during the season at the discretion of the golf courses.

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