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Here are the most frequently asked questions that we have listed for you.

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The Golf Passport is the most versatile product known to date. It allows you to plan your days and save every time. No need to waste your time chasing discounts online or otherwise.

Membre carte rabais golf

With the Golf Passport, you will have access to more than 240 rounds of golf at a discount, including more than 80 to 50% of the initial cost!

With these extraordinary golf discounts, your Golf Pass can be paid for in just 2 games!

You will join a group of thousands of golfers who have access to hundreds of golf discounts and numerous golf events. In addition, you will be notified throughout the year of several other golf discounts, golf accommodation and much more.

The Most Beautiful Golf Courses

From year to year, we are proud to offer our members the opportunity to play on the most beautiful golf courses in Quebec.

We are passionate like you!

Like you, we are passionate about golf. We have created for you, with the help of fifty golf courses, a golfer's club to which we would all have joined.

Yes, one of our products is tailor-made for you!

Yes, some of our fields accept the Passport on weekends. Please consult the list of golf courses and their availability.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to lend your passport number, as the golf course verifies your identity to ensure that you are the holder of a Golf Passport.

Unfortunately not, since only one discount per Passport holder will be accepted upon departure.

You just need to log into your online account on Passeport Golf and go to the member section. You will then have access to a tool which will allow you to follow all the games that you have played and those that you have left.

You can communicate with us at any time by email at: support@accesgolf.com or by phone Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. at 514-893-6551.

Our card is currently distributed online and you can get it right here: Subscription.

Yes, the name of the Passport holder will be assigned upon initial card registration only.

Unfortunately no, the Passport is not transferable.

No, on public holidays you cannot use your Golf Passport (unless otherwise indicated).

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